Sea of thieves in 2018 announces new updates Xbox E3


2018 the Xbox E3 conference, Rare Ltd. developed by the thieves of the sea released a promotional trailer that shows the next steps of the game. In the video posted, two new characters, a pirate adventurous and order of Soulsappears, a representative from the game’s two major expansion pack seeing the future.

Cursed Sails in July, is coming to forsaken shores in September

All of our games for years and when the individual showcased the highly anticipated 2018 E3 conference is quite dynamic. Of course, new on the scene as we saw in previous years some games outside of the games that came out introducing new content. The sea Thieves’Xbox at E3 on the stage this year, released a trailer that shows players what to expect. In the trailer of the first game is played include information that indicates how a player is 4 million and 91 million hours. Then, will come in the month of July, Cursed Sails in the month of September and the next forsaken shores , the expansion of the gospel is given.

Which you can watch in the video below, Forsaken Shores , and volcanoes of the update are expected to accommodate additional skeletal army for the fight. Also in the image, the skeleton crew to the boats at sea to be fought it seems.