Samsung Pro and EVO models shared the details of the 970


Samsung Electronics, today third-generation SSD product line, which is the model 970 Samsung PRO and EVO‘SIP will be enough announced. In 2015 the world’s first consumer-oriented NVMe SSD products lead the industry with the introduction of who Samsungcomputers and workstations professionals that want to enjoy higher bandwidth for heavy transaction loads generated by models considering the needs of this latest generation of SSD continues to carry one step further the boundaries of performance.

Samsung EVO Pro 970 and sets performance standards with

Responsible for data storage products at Samsung Electronics Turkey, Director of the Society of Jesus said in a statement; “Samsung NVMe SSD played a leading role in the sector since it is included with the pro and EVO SSD and now 970 unprecedented performance of the models continues to define the standards in consumer products type of storage. 970 series NVMe SSD in the market, breakthrough performance, outstanding reliability and best-in-class capacity bar brings up in each area,” he said.

970 Samsung EVO and PRO models, according to the standard M. 2 form factor, and the most advanced PCI-E Gen 3×4 with the ribbon interface is designed. Bandwidth the highest level of your potential while enjoying an NV 3D 970 series 4K graphics operations, data analysis operations such as data processing performance for the most advanced games and the offers a unique.

PRO 970 3.500 Mb/s sequential read, 2.700 Mb/s sequential write speeds while offering the EVO model 3.500 Mb/s sequential read, up to 2,500 Mb/s sequential write speed and offers. Samsung’s new V-nano technology and a newly designed controller of the Phoenix, thanks to sequential write speed compared to previous generation products had a 30% higher increase, respectively. Especially the 970 EVO uses memory to provide burning rate higher than 78 GB Dec smart turbo write utilising the technology.

In addition to the increase in the level of 970 and EVO Pro performance, durability and reliability that is hard to match. Write guarantee five years or 1200 terabytes (more than 50 per cent of previous-generation products) offering PRO 970 and the EVO was manufactured for durability. Automatically track dynamic optimum by maintaining their operating temperature while providing Thermal protection against overheating protection technology, the heat spreader and the new nickel-coated it lowers down the temperature of the SSD Controller even more.

970 Pro and EVO also offers you the flexibility to design a much larger system for high performance computer systems. Unilateral EVO 2TB model, including offering options for compact M. 2 form factor 970 series with different capacity, compatible for a wide range of Products offers the option to expand the storage space.

970 EVO model 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities Pro 512GB and 1TB capacities are available in 970 when released. 970 EVO and the Pro is sold across the globe, from the date of 7 May 2018 the retail price recommended by the manufacturer for the two models, respectively, starting from TL and TL 619 1699.

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