S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2 will be the MMO that pulls out of the argument


In the early 2000s, the name of the Fallout series with the last S. T. A. L. K. E. R. series, we haven’t heard from for a long time. However, the recently announced second game, the magic surprised fans of the series. Players a post-apocalyptic world invites you into S. T. A. L. K. E. R. series an interesting claim about the new game were laid. NeoGaf is the rumor that started on the forums, the game would be an MMO that was. Even the claim that modding support will be in the game, some fans sevindirirk upset some of you.

S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2, The MMO will be?

S. T. A. L. K. E. R. old and new games will be applied to renew the Mechs in game that says that in the aftermath of the spill turned out to be forged. So don’t be scared. S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2, a good RPG will be released as. Personally as the theme of the fallout series S. T. A. L. K. E. R. which is a series that I love more than an MMO , it would make me a little sad. Falloutmore than a structure that invites players into a world of dark and unknown how successful I’m wondering if it would be in the series. Developed with new generation game engine, the game probably will be introduced as multi platform.