RYO’s achievement list revealed the game of swords Ditto


Ryon action, as well as the players of today against the Swords of Ditto‘s success on the list have been announced. Looking at the achievement list, it’s pretty clear where we would spend hours at the beginning of the game. Netflixpublished in Castlevania also helping the makers of the animated series in the game, the evil enemy Mormowe stand against. A game with deeper mechanics than it looks, let’s cheer the players?

The swords that comes out of today’s achievement list revealed Ditto

The success of the game, the list goes something like this

All the trophies! Get all the trophies! Platinum

Visit Grave visit the grave of a failed hero in Bronze

Find a toy Find a toy the legend of Bronze

Destroy destroy one of silver’s anchors anchor mormo the moment

Equip Equip a Bronze sticker sticker

A story of a story of anchors Anchors, defeat all, defeat all Silver

Mormo Mormo Gold Defeat Defeat ago

Meet Serendipity Serendipity Silver

Complete dojo a dojo is a complete Gold

Sticker Silver Sticker Swappers swap with an NPC

A crate is a crate Open Bronze Open

Wind back Wind back time Silver time

Equip Equip limited limited Silver Sticker sticker

Receive a limited-edition Sticker and receive a limited-edition Silver sticker from Ock

Now offering complete offering complete silver at the moment

Twelve twelve Silver stickers Stickers at the same time Equip Equip limited

Gold fully upgrade fully upgrade your bombs your bombs

Mormo Mormo anchor Gold Anchor without destroying the moment the moment without destroying Defeat Defeat

Find Find all all toy Toys Gold the legend of

Tablets, find tablets, find all the gold story, all the story

Gold Ditto Ditto break the curse break the curse of