Russia has been announced the important decisions about Crypto coins


A big rise in the past year, but this year especially last unable to bear the decline from the chart at the beginning of Crypto coinsis still in the stock market is of great importance. Crypto coins would legalize in any way in describing the period they are on the rise in Russia, announced his decision with new Crypto coins. According to the information described, Russia, Crypto coins are no longer in the category other property will recognize. Russian Justice Minister Konovalov, a Russian in comments to reporters, has agreed to said special department in this regard. Konovalov, “if this kind of Crypto money is defined as a property of these units is considered a crime of theft.” is found in discourse.

What was the decision of the Government of Russia of Crypto currency?

Now bill stating that to offer this topic for about two Konovalov, explained that they would Crypto coins in the later stages the different steps in low doses. Crypto money is the most violent country against Russia, which cheered investors with moderate approaches to this style of. Probably bitcoin and other altcoin arein the coming days he will rise again.

Other moderate States, as well as the Government of China is expected to take steps on this issue. Let’s see what will be the future of Crypto coins?