Rune: Ragnarok was released for the quite short gameplay video


Human head Studios is suited to development and broadcasting made by Rune series, the new game, Rune: Ragnarok gameplay video for a little more came.

Short video showing the battle system has been published in

Developer human head Studios, which is the sequel of the series Rune Rune: Ragnarok for a little gameplay video released. The video is very short, even if some of it can be seen that the battle system are simple. The human head, probably to get close to the gameplay of the game the feeling of old Rune system uses such a battle.

As you know, Rune by human head studios the series again the Unreal Engine was developed with the graphics engine, which was first released in 2000 is an action-adventure game as it has a presence in our lives. The output of passing over about 18 years after the first game, the Team Developer, human head, as a sequel to the Rune Rune: Ragnarok began to work on. Game Gods, monsters, and the last remaining humans struggle to survive in a universe where everything is taking place. At the same time the game is Norse mythology , including war and brutal fighting it incorporates. The published video can be found below.