Rock a new Visual appeared of Final Fantasy VII


Final Fantasy VII is a visual rock emerged. Square Enix’s an image from Nokia’s computer Division by doing a 1 page business update hamaguchi shared. In the image shared on the PlayStation 4′ in a scene from Final Fantasy 7 specially developed rock can be seen.

New Visual rock Final Fantasy VII emerged.

Final Fantasy VII PlayStation Final Fantasy games for the player who likes the legend of many are cited as the best of the series. The interest that is shown in the Square Enix game has been ignored, and he started working on the remake of Final Fantasy VII. However, for a long time developed game from Square Enix don’t share too much information. Square Enix’s business division for the past days I did a 1 page update of and Nokia hamaguchi an image on a computer screen shared. In the image of the game, the main character, cloud strife is in the hands of the fusion sword to attack enemies with a giant sword similar to it seems. From the image below, you can browse shared.

Final Fantasy VII Remake'e ait yeni bir görsel ortaya çıktı

A Release date yet certain non-new information about Final Fantasy VII remake Square Enix’s E3 2018is expected to be shared in an organized presentation.