Rising storm 2: Vietnam on steam it was free for the weekend


Tripwire interactive by Unreal Engine graphics engine developed by and published at the same time, the first-person shooter game Rising storm 2: Vietnam this weekend on Steam it was free on.

Rising storm 2: Vietnam free weekend

Released in 2017 , Rising storm 2: Vietnam multiplayer 64 persons supports the war. In the game the United States Army and Marine Corps, the north Vietnamese army, National Salvation front, The Australian army and Republic of Vietnam army own weapons and skills six different military ranks.

At the same time in the game, rifles, pistols, flamethrower, and rocket launchers, such as more than 50 weapons available. Also in the game Huey, Cobra, Loach and Bushranger helicopters in various areas. Rising storm 2 : Vietnam besides, more than 20 maps, three different game modes, asymmetric warfare and hundreds offers players the option of character customization.

Rising storm 2: Vietnam game, if you’re wondering, and if you want to try Steam on weekend and download the game by evaluating the deal, you can examine as much as you want for two days.

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