Resurrection Ertugrul player lost his life in accident


Resurrection Ertugrul from the array, this time came the sad news. Shots and scenes that pulls the interest with the series at the same time is located at the focal point in the debate. Despite this, the social media favorite of the series, which is one of the resurrection, the news of the accident came from the array Ertugrul positive this time.

Resurrection Ertugrul passed away from player

Resurrection Ertugrul series of Carol , who plays the ozir Anillost his life after a motorcycle accident where he spent yesterday. Umraniye training and research hospital in the aftermath of the accident at the 39-year-old player, despite all the interventions unfortunately picked up. Friends watching a football game the night after the 3 allocated as In the ozir‘s accident on Highway Jul did. There is an explanation about the cause of the accident for a while now.

Born in 1978, and finally the resurrection: Ertuğrul starred in the series In the ozirbefore number seven, Kinali Kar, different size, Acacia Stop and love the price as many as had a role in a production. Nine September University Faculty of Fine Arts, graduated from the acting Department of ozir also in a band called anemia vokallik he did. We wish him to rest in peace..