Renowned producer JJ Abrams ‘ bad robot is going into the gaming industry with games


JJ Abrams, Bad robot wants games going into the gaming industry with. Announcing JJ Abrams lost, with the name ‘ production company bad robot Productions game department was opened. Jj Abrams is going to be pretty serious about it, the famous Chinese internet and Technology Company Tencent announced that it had entered into a partnership with.

JJ Abrams and bad robot have joined forces under Tencent Games

JJ Abrams ‘ production company bad robot Productions, opened a studio under the umbrella of game. Chinese tech giant Tencent‘s partnership with: original Games Games original and bad robot will focus on the topic of making. Bad robot Games‘range of games is quite wide. PC platform for mobile‘e The new generation of consoles stated that they aim to develop as many new and exclusive game. Names like Dave and Tim Keenan, baranoff, who has also worked in the game world before its disposal, skilled at evil robot Games was added to the staff of the names. Let’s an investor, such as tencent with the support of such important Chinese production company together, to enter the games industry, the game industry will impact