Red Dead Redemption 2 reply from a producer at the news of the postponement of


Rockstar Games‘next game bomb 2, Red Dead Redemption, was able to create a big expectation on the players. Previously living a postponement of the game on October 26 it was announced that will come on. Circulating on Internet forums but the news of the postponement of the game, most players are nervous. In response, speaking to CNBC, take – two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick, Red Dead Redemption 2 would be postponed again stressed. Thus, the water in the hearts of the players waiting for this game almost a relief to zelnick, it was confirmed that this would be at the time of the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2, will not be postponed again

Almost all Rockstar Games Zelnick underlines that the team working on this game, Red Dead Redemption 2are counting on you to. The fair will not take place at E3 2018 non-specific cutting out most for the game game of the Year Awards‘nu. The game is sure to be absolutely perfect. But it’s still full of players, in the sense that it is not certain how that will offer you a content. Prior to the first game Red Dead Redemption in terms of story, the last 2 at the same time Red Dead Online mode will bring. Let’s see if the game will be loved by the players? Together we will see.