Red Alert Online was introduced to the players with a surprise announcement


All-time most popular real-time strategy games, situated between Red Alert 2 self-improvement to sustain the success she has after the closure of the studio, another Studio Red Alert 3 It was released, although that had failed to satisfy the people who love the game.

Red Alert Online will be released for iOS and Android

Red Alert after the release of a new game from the series it has been almost 10 years and still Red Alert 4 that protects hopes for loyal players. A newly released trailer for the fourth even though it does not tell anything of the game Red Alert Online‘s announced that would be coming to mobile platforms.

Chinese companies tencent, which is one of the official released trailer of red alert Onlineclick announced. The company is out for both iOS and Android devices of the game. In spite of a whole lot of information about the game so far online it looks like red alert will be the subject of a victory. The figure in the shadows that emerged at the end of the trailer it looks like Yuri.