Records started to be a certified unity developer


Announced last month bahçeşehir University‘s Unity training program is starting soon. Video game development is rare in our country, which is one of the educational institutions in support of the University of California, Unity authorized training will teach students under the name of the program to use unity game engine. The first exam on May 12th made on bahcesehir University, gave the date for the second exam. 23 June 2018 Saturday will be held on the second day of the exam certified unity developer , thanks to lay the foundations of video game development.

Unity is a new opportunity to be a certified developer

Especially the independent game industry, which is common in the unity game engine on top of in addition if you add your own skills, you can make your own game. In our country, advancing with tiny steps, however, a video game culture with great potential, we hope, becomes larger because thanks to breakthroughs in this genre. On the other hand, in recent years, the preferred mobile platforms on Unity, if you can choose if you want to develop a game on the mobile platform. The fee to attend is $ 170, which is the exam confident and is suited to serious video game development as a profession if you are considering it I suggest you enter. Here you can find the participation form in the exam.