Real-time strategy game Re-Legion is coming in the fall


Futuristic cyberpunk-themed real-time strategy game Re-Legion autumn 2018 I predict that there will be in the months. 1C Company games developed by Code Ice, a new real-time strategy game Re-announced the launch of the Legion.

Real-time strategy game Re-Legion will be released in the fall of 2018

Games Code Ice‘which he produced in the ReLegion, Single and multi-player modes announced. According to statements from producer companies, the game is a sci-fi theme of the story the narration will be. Who wants to tell a pretty deep story in the game, cultures, ideologies broaches the subject of conflicts of fanaticism. In the game economy and the resource capture and retention and managing an alternative system The system is expected to be in the same time zone. Players multiplayer and single player game mode, too many options and you will likely encounter. Quite a dark atmosphere which was said to be with the game’s unique real-time strategy game, emphasizing that ice games would be in the games code we can say that is too trusting. A lot of this type the new game comes out.Re-published in the promotional trailer below you can browse the Legion’s. Let’s re-Legion a game how it will be. The game will be released in the fall of 2018.