Real-time mobile strategy game: Battlefield output


Netmarble, a new real-time mobile strategy game the battlefield in hand to hand with players from around the world fiercely fighting to an arena full of action and excitement on the calls. Battle war troops and war equipment in the square and by using the players original and develop strategies to command the troops win the victory by their troops. Turkish local content and completely played with Battlefield characters, from the date of 6 June 2018 App Store and Google Play storecan be downloaded from.

The commander of the local heroes make

Battle of the square, the artillery Corporal, the commander of Canaan to Turkey as Turkish players will offer local content with the unique local character and the enjoyment of extra games. In the game the excitement of real military if it is to be set according to the rank the rank will increase.

Mechs on the battlefield and the card unique gameplay style, players alone in the story mode, sorting mode, simultaneously fighting against real players will give you a chance.

The key to victory “the neutral zone”

The battlefieldthe difference from other Tower Defense Games, the Map in the middle of “the neutral zone” are called. The party seizes this territory headquarters, headquarters and headquarters launches a rocket attack on the enemy with high damage. Therefore, the Parties should pay attention to the control of the neutral zone when we attacked each other’s headquarters.

Enter battle mode

Netmarble CEO EMEA Ozistek Peace as related to the game; “Battlefield players in a game, even the chest almost chest will collide fiercely mutual. An exciting and breathtaking section of war games I expect to see a big interest. The game is also a lot of characters that we have included the local Turkish players will love. I’m going to give the commanders in the Battle Square is the most important tactic is this: offense is always the best defense! Don’t be defensive, attack and enter battle mode!” he said.

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