Rangel pubg of Miramar and optimization coming soon


Access as I had left early in the year for PC gamers, and comes face to face playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, on the side of the console at the end of 2017 on the Xbox One for coming out successful in a battle Royale game, still grappling with optimization problems on the side of the console. Currently the game developers so they work more on the console version. One of Microsoft’s leading names, Nico-Party, promised that the players would be the optimization of pubg. Thank you for having tested the game after the game makers communities bihary Rangel and the Miramar show will recover in a short time most of the bugs that appeared in the information conveyed.

Pubg Xbox One version of the optimization in the sense of correcting

On the side of the console FPS drops of grappling with the Xbox One version when we wonder if the full version will be. Optimization problems in the same way on the PC’s hosting playerunknown small Battlegrounds for these reasons the throne Fortnite‘she gave. Fornite of each platform by integrating the study makes the players quite happy. Cross-platform support, thanks to all the players gathers Fortnite, day after day, the player is the audience continues to grow. Which is at the end of the Day let’s battle Royale , the game will be the judge of this sector?