Rainbow Six Ubisoft have detailed the new season siege


Ubisoft, the popular game Rainbow Six Siege told of the future for some new details about the new season. The game is coming to the new season, two new Italian character, a new map and Echo within the upgrade for the character contains.

Prepare for battle

Siege the new season of Rainbow Six, the name of ‘prepare for war’ in Latin which means of the sentence if para Operation thereof. We also get two new characters in the new season with the Italian. The names of the new characters at the last minute unless it undergoes a change as previously leaked, Maestro and Alibi as it looks. Also included in the game new map, which will be located in the heart of a cornfield, is being touted as the Italian bond. To map the shared picture, we see two new characters, and more complex, traditional approach, the map gives the impression of a rainbow.

Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege’in yeni sezonunu detaylandırdı

Ubisoft, if para Operation with the Clubhouse making some changes in the map, adds various new animations, pick and ban is reviewing a new gadget and settings are included in the game. Intel described as gadget instrument, probably a camera in the front that can use the defense described as bullet proof. Just the camera placement Limited the smoke behind the enemy, capable of Glaz’s sights, such as the yellow color can vary.

Another innovation , Echo comes back to the operator. Now Echo not one, but two Kyoukai is going to have pants. Even in death echo, the drone can be viewed by friends of the team and like any other camera, you can scan the enemy. Ubisoft also discussed the game for a long time in the dropshot with the issue of the new season is at hand. TTS has been applied to a formal solution after several revisions done by Ubisoft.

Finally, the Operation of money bellum Atlantic Cityin May 19-20 Pro League finals held on Twitch is expected to be introduced in conjunction with the live broadcast on. The new season also remain on for a short period of time and the TTS is expected to launch officially in the first week of the month of June.