Rainbow Six siege new “wall wash” character on the way


Rainbow Six Siege‘e indicated that a new character will be added to the side’s attack. New character, “breaching the operator”, an operator announced that it was breaking the wall would be the door to do work. As of the last day of operation Parabellum‘la to be added to the game and Maestro Alibi has published a gameplay video for the characters, and was introduced in detail the characteristics of the characters. Apparently Rainbow Six Ubisoft will continue to support both as both operator and content siege.

Rainbow Six: from new maps and characters, excellent siege

Rainbow siege a new character is on the way

In the month of June on the night of the planned operation to output the promotion of parabellum speaking, Marketing Director, Alex Remy, Rainbow Six Siege, spoke about the content to be added in the next period. Alex Remy; one or two on the attacking side, wall wash, we want to insert a character, these characters Sledge or Buck the destructive forces, such as light wall, heavy wall type or may be of the destructive thermite hiba and like the players said, Thermite and hiba her characters, stating that they did not want to be trapped into our understanding of the transfer of Remy, an operator who can knock down fortified walls new future of the character, we can say that he will.