Rainbow Six new character appeared siege Maestro


Rainbow Six Siege by calls for to be in a row for this week especially.. New content update Operation if para the game with two new characters , a new map will be added and announced. One of these characters alibi for a promotional video published. Now para operation if the second character to be added to the game with the maestro’s promotional video was released.

You will be amazed at the new character in Rainbow Six siege alibi

Rainbow Six new character seemed siege Maestro

With Rainbow Six para operation if siege that are added to Maestro, born and bred Roman. Gruppo di Intervento (G. I. S.) he is a member operator. As we can see from the promotional video published in short, Maestro is marked with the help of the drone enemies in a single key, by pressing you can eliminate. Of course, the gameplay footage is not published yet about how this feature works, and how it works we don’t yet know the details of this property. Maestro published for the promotional trailer below you can browse.And who is to come into the game with new content recently the news below you can browse our Turkish language support.

Rainbow Six Siege coming events and Turkish language support for