Rage 2 was officially announced!


Rage by Bethesda and developed by id Software, released on 17 November 2010 which is the sequel to the game rage 2 gameplay video of the game was officially announced and shared. Given a date but was not clear about the release date of rage 2.

Many rumors about the release date of rage 2 for a long time and claims were put forward.

Walmart the largest retail chain stores in the United States, especially with online shopping at the store with those given in platform game rage 2, The game was expected to be by many for sure, but still was refuted by a distributor.

Yesterday according to an announcement from the official Twitter account of rage, rage 2 was officially announced. Also the game gamers promotional video with the announcement also presented.

The Story Of Rage 2 Games

Briefly general topic of psychopathic rage 2 game. The story of the game pass in the year 2185. You can go anywhere you want in rage 2, You can destroy all the places you want, and you can think of and you can do all the nasty dirty work.

Computer (PC), Xbox one and PS4 which will be released on 2 platforms, there isn’t a clear explanation about the release date of rage.

Highly touted and eagerly anticipated by many people with the introduction of the system features and the release date of rage 2 is expected to be announced by Bethesda in the coming days.

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