Rage 2 and micro payments that will not be announced in the loot box


Mad Max and just cause series is familiar from Avalanche Studios‘reputation developed rage 2 the past day it was announced. That was quite a fun video about the rage 2 announced with new information to come in continues. Tim willits from ID in statements to the German website gamestar softare players from the nightmare of the loot box‘s and micro payments in rage 2 won’t be said.

Lotto boxes rage 2 and micro-payment, there will not be any of the methods

Now we have started to be used to start a new game boxes and sometimes the reaction of Lotto players to check if the micro payment methods, although these reactions may seem like a step backward with the producer companies, micro-payments the producer that was a sweet Bonanza for the companies it is a fact. Now this question in every new game, the producer asked for has become. Micro Payment Methods do you have in your game? asked about 2 rage from id Software in some witty language to this question; “so you will play the game and you will get in” came a reply. Open-world action game rage 2 micro-payment methods and without lootbox in 2019 PlayStation 4, Xbox one and Pc’to eat out is expected.