Quantic Dream, a French journalist filed a lawsuit to the internet site


Detroit: it became human’s output stayed for a little while. As of today, about the situation of the game playable demosu we have already touched upon in our news. However, the production company Quantic Dream, PS4’e specially developed new games, Detroit: human not become a sensational news came up with.

Quantic Dream came up with a case again

In recent months, the former of French origin, office worker in trouble with the production company Quantic Dream, came up with a new story. A former employee, driven by Quantic dream in the Office harassment, sexism and racism prevailed on the claims based on a toxic culture, Quantic dream, the Paris Prosecutor’s Office had launched an investigation on suspicion of harassment and discrimination. Now, founder and President of Quantic dream David cage came up with another case. But this time, the defendant Quantic Dream. Kotaku’s report, according to a French game company, broadcasting in France Le Monde’also a working journalist and Mediaportal negative news website sued for what they do. His website canard PC “inthe atmosphere of strange Quantic dreamnamed” titled, a long research paper was written on behalf of a company about harassment allegations. The reason for this article is Quantic dream’s lawsuit. Apparently Quantic dream head will hurt more because of the allegations. In the meantime, Quantic dream developed by: Detroit become human , May 25, 2018will be launched in.