Purchases from abroad 18% VAT comes


Overseas exchanges, especially on the gaming side, on the side or special products that are not available in our country is quite popular as you know. In previous years we were faced with situations like falling or taxation, often tax. Finally, even in the month of January this past e-customs trade in euros from 22 euros to 30 limit the application of the exemption was dropped. Upon this an extra on the future of taxation in foreign exchange appeared.

Overseas exchanges 18% VAT comes

In this regard , the Ministry of customs and trade made by a description. Therefore, the resulting we should note that it’s not official news yet. Despite this, the resource to be a solid company such as Amazon very soon, this may indicate that the explanation could be.

In return Amazon users made by June 1, 2018 as on imported products of 18% VAT rate will be reflected in stated. Pre-imported products, i.e. exchange of the fluid 31 in place when it is applied in the tax, taxation stated that it would enter into force as of 1 June. Also individuals in sales to the 18% VAT be applied directly when specifying to specifying reimbursement in the company receiving a tax file number, but then KDV2 statement given of this tax would be paid.

E-Commerce shopping reduced to 22 euros customs limit

After this news the eyes of the Ministry of customs and trade‘s is translated to a statement of will.

Yurt dışından yapılan alışverişlere %18 KDV uygulaması geliyor