Published by Tecmo dynasty warriors 9 patch 1.07


In recent months, bringing a big disappointment dynasty warriors 9‘S A Snapshot of the situation seems moderate. Released on the first day, none of the promises were not kept and changed the style of gameplay since most players had pretty bad points on the steam version. Views more updates from players currently rolling with their “medium” score received. Dynasty warriors 9 The situation is not exceptional , but at least as it came the day it’s not bad.

Successively published updates, the game is posting a bit though

Dynasty warriors, which was released in the month of February, had 2 points out of 10. On the first day, the lack of modes and gameplay style of the most popular players, was in a snit. The situation desired to be corrected with the update, it was suspended for about a couple weeks. Tecmo dynasty warriors 9 subsequently corrected by recovery efforts is still ongoing. Published 1.07 update to the game with new quests, new weapons , and players will love a photo mode added, and at the same time, most optimization problem was eliminated. But in this update, “controller”s behalf has an arrangement. Tecmo Koei, dynasty warriors 9, said it would be updated again soon and the players indicated that the game would become wanted from the start.