Pubg the famous developer mentioned a new game project


Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds the game your own player name Brendan” Playerunknown” Greene, a new game mentioned on by the IDEA Project. Battle Royale of the type seen as the father of, Greene, new game would be different from that of a project pubg explained. In the new project developer who would also take the risk in the project will try new things it looks like. Reaches 3 million players and 10 million players per month, indicating that actively pubg Greene, in a new game for targeting such high amounts stressed.

He gave interesting information about the new game developer PUBG

Want to play a game, stating that the developer wants to make game development perspective in the way that was announced. This style of bold rhetoric to go against players with Greene pleases everyone. How much of yourself even though we may know what happened at the moment of a new game project, probably in a new game at least THIS much we can say is famous. Pubg of eSpor developer stating that the scene is growing in the 20-year player said that the game will support.

Currently only Xbox One and PC on the platform PUBG, in the following terms the PlayStation 4 will be available for.