Pubg Samsung’s new map, is going back to the test servers


Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds map for the game new tropical Sanyo experimental testing is completed before the server freezes once again.

Sanko is happening this weekend a test of the map

Previously originally Codename: Savage and now was known as the SANYO pass from the server to test the Map this weekend as named once again as before and again the PC on PUBGand all the players have to be available for.

Developer PUBG Corp, Steam on the platform is in beta testing and he told me about a new program in the next post, probably the last stage before the completion of Sanyo stated that the map would be. Also towards the end of the month of June sanhok if everything goes according to plan, would take place on the servers, he said.

On May 31 which will begin the testing phase as of, June 4, will last until the date. Sanyo as a test that occur before the Steam PUBG everyone who owns are eligible to participate in the program. The first test up to this time some important changes were made on the map, sanko. Recent four new state formed from the fields, as several improvements have been made to the map.

Finally PUBG Corp after about a month of completing the map, Sanko is planning to introduce some special tools and a weapon. From what I am. by the name of the three-wheeled vehicle would be stated.