PUBG released a huge update for mobile


Mobile with the update to version 0.4.0 PUBG is rising. at the same time offered a discount for iOS and Android platforms with this update the game every other nice features added. 3D Touch‘Li iPhone models adding a new dimension to the property to shoot, with this update, they have added a new entertainment mode.

The 8 teams to play pubg is calling you!

Teams of 8 PUBG has announced a new event that we participate in. PUBG Metal in a rain event, the players and the dev team, they’re going to try to have the lead role uazs of the event.

Property NOS cars, motorcycles and vehicles with features such as automatic opening of the doors of property flipping update, is prominent among the innovations. For a full list of the innovations that come with Mobile dev update PUBG can be found below.

– Entertainment mode: six-gun one of the modes is selected in the 28-player combat: sawed off shotguns, snipers, all weapons, melee, guns, and equipment Rain.

– Training area: practice your skills by trying out all the weapons.

– shooting options for iOS 3D touch added.

– New feature added: Twilight.

– Added ability to follow (and after having jumped with a parachute after landing).

– Added option to automatically open the door.

– The character automatically when you collect more than one item, the duration of the pause is changed.

4x and 8x binoculars issues are fixed.

– Performance the table on the results screen was added.

– Fixed problems with some sound effects and voice-chat.

– Bending: movement speed increased, “Duck & Binoculars open” and “get down & shoot” options added.

– The combat experience is improved.

– Flipping feature added to motorcycles.

– Nos was added to the engines from the cars.

Previously used vehicles will be marked on the mini map now.

PUBG Mobile için dev güncelleme

PUBG mobile iOS and Android platforms, download the latest version that offers an experience you can play PC and console close.

:: Mobile PUBG do you play?

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