PUBG mode GTA 5 looks amazing!


The total 1500 hours of labor prepared by the mod Maker theaetik giving complex control, improve gameplay, GTA 5 mechanics battle Royale adds.

In this new mode over 50 different custom and a great balance with a precision that made it has talent. These skills between the short distance Teleport (blink), slowing down time equipped with features such as.

70 players a selection of characters trying to survive they do and they’re in a war zone. This mode also everywhere with artificial intelligence enemies to be more aggressive and get a lot of them do work .

While in this mode, your progress type is a battle Royale in the form of will develop. When you die you will lose all your progress and you’ll have to start again.

Of course, than many different complex control features. Refreshed interface, recording system, drivers are much more aggressive mode for GTA 5 is added.

This mode is completely single-player-focused and re-playability are prepared on the basis of that it should also be mentioned.

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