PUBG mode Battlefield 5 announced!


The highly anticipated E3 gaming Expo will be held June 12-14 at the firm between the dates of conferences began.

Only members of the press can enter, but conferences can be viewed live on the internet that the first of Electronic Arts was made by.

Of the company; the name and the concept and in the past week released a promotional video of Battlefield 5 for much more detailed information, E3 for all to share in was estimated.

Predictions fail and EA, Battlefield 5 PUBG nu mode announced. Detailed information about the new mode announced by the company were not given. In a game like battle Royale mode similar to that of 100 people to a different monitor if you play on a huge map is currently unknown.

However, EA; team game players, vehicles and destruction and the effects of what they experienced before with any other game nor in Battlefield experience , they will stated.

The success of the entire company has been a focus of battle Royale

Playerunknown Battlegrounds and glowing with fortnite’s battle Royale game mode has been a focus of all companies.

The new game, which is the biggest rival of the Battlefield series Call Of Duty 4 Black Ops also the future of the Battle Royale mode was confirmed. Subsequently, on the side of the battlefield was quite curious whether such a mode will come of it.

Mode with you as the details are announced to share and we will continue.

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