PUBG Mobile daily the number of players is astonishing!


Free most downloaded in more than 100 countries in just a week after release as the game managed to become PUBG Mobile version of the PC took over the records it looks like.

Mobile field pubg compliments since the day of publication in 2018, Google Play Awards “Best debut Game” and “best community game Creator” is nominated in the categories, nominated in two categories that is the only game he’s managed to be.

Many of us PUBG content we produce, its popularity is rapidly increasing and is continuing to take notice to all competitors. On the mobile side of the game, I still get major updates and to be very similar to the PC version, is one of the elements that attracts most of the players.

The desert map Miramarto the game with the addition of PUBG storm for a long time, this time in mobile will blow.

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