Pubg into the ground at the peak of the number of players continues to


In the month of March and especially after the autumn months of last year, almost up to the rear began playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, with the short name PUBG, Steamis among the most played games in. Despite this, PUBG‘s also that there was an incredible decrease in the number of players we’re seeing. Attract more players, especially a lot of competitors PUBGto the decline of reasons has become.

Pubg of the number of players is falling

Of course, one of the biggest Reasons for the decline in the number of players in the game an unsolved problems. It is updated frequently, although many great innovations in our country do not have a large quota of players for the game that we have to say that is the problem.

In a global sense when we look at the number of players in the game, especially after the month of January, we see that there was a significant decrease. Almost 50% of the loss of a player by living PUBG, 3.236.027 average number of players in the month of January, while as of the moment, on average, 1.5 million as the number of players decline. Another interesting aspect of the work, the number of players continue to fall. We look at a chart of the fluctuations we see the decline even though it appears the momentum is going down. What do you think, do you think this decline will continue?

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