PUBG fortnite started to pull a copy from the developers


In the past year, a battle Royale type of game blast bringing PUBGcan’t find much these days that is looking. Expecting company growth after the launch of the console and the mobile player, which is a main Platform PC is‘losing players too quickly. Especially use the trick in the game and still some players who left the game because of optimization problems, alternatively Fortnite‘is shifting. This way developers who can’t afford, this time copying the contents of the remedy fortnite found you. PUBGstructure according to Fortnite gameplay offering players a faster, quicker players that can be consumed quite likes it.

PUBG, copied fortnite

PUBG geliştiricileri, Fortnite'tan kopya çekmeye başladı

For this reason, to make the game faster and smoother PUBG developers fortnite the same as it was in the crates began putting gold in the game. This chests of gold, and the same Fortniteis expected to fall as The of miscellaneous items while still fortnite Costume Feature added to the game start the parachute. For now, these two pieces of content from replicating fortnite PUBG developers, we’re guessing probably more content from other games will copy in the coming days.

PUBG geliştiricileri, Fortnite'tan kopya çekmeye başladı