PUBG, copy content from fortnite is suing!


In the month of September PUBG Corp. Fortnite statement of movement on the side with that concern expressed. “The fortnite PUBG very similar game mode to prepare and experience this game of trying to emulate we are concerned.” According to a Korean Studio release, Battlegrounds playerunknown’s first independent Battle-Royale game.

While there is not a clear explanation about the report before the court, the content of the property in point many of the evidence that were presented as we know. According to the company’s claims, Fortnite interface, gameplay , and structural features (the game mode itself) in terms of the contents of pubg copied.

Because on top of all this they have added a real drama between the two companies was an important agreement . PUBG, fortnite as you know that epic’s Unreal Engine graphics engine is prepared.

PUBG, in the face of Fortnite is melting!

PUBG game legends battle Royal, last year’s lost fortnite I suppose their success! Did the Developer Team know the details and admit to what we do!

As a matter of fact PUBG 2017 there wasn’t a problem for a number of throughout the year. But in recent months Fortnite storm when people in Korea seems confused by events. Out of interest, Epic Games will not be as devastating envisioned the outcome of the case on the side. The company’s main operations are managed from Korea, and currently the only region that covers the case.

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