PS Plus PS4 free games been announced for the month of May


When you’re about to leave behind the first week of the month of May PlayStation Plus members this month designated for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games you can download free. All systems may 2018 six-game taking place while some games are cross-buy for the PS4 because it is three games can be received.

PS Plus is a new game every two months

Among this month’s offerings, Quantic Dream developed by Beyond: two souls boards. Acting in accordance with the basis of the game the choices you make, and the focus is based on cinematic narrative. May that may apply to any other PS4 game is good, which is a platform game Rayman Legends .

PS3 on the side, RPG game, risen 3: Titan Lords monster designs and at the same time, and raze the city that you can eat them you’re going to have a game of. PS Vita users again on destruction the board game King Oddball and physics puzzle game, Furmins can obtain. Meanwhile, King Oddball cross-buy and playable on PS3 because it is in PS4.

Below is the full list of games can be downloaded free of charge and active until the day on Tuesday 5 June, PS Plus membership for the duration of can be played.

PS plus games may 2018


• Beyond: Two Souls

• King Oddball

• Rayman Legends


• Eat Them

• King Oddball

• The Risen 3: Titan Lords


• Furmins

• King Oddball

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