Promotional video from Mario tennis aces Rafael Nadal came from


Switch the Nintendo Mario tennis Aces advertised for a promotional trailer was released of the game is pretty fun. Trailer is 16 times Grand Slam men’s singles champion, the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal facility.

Mario and Rafael Nadal faces

Nintendo made the announcement last month of the switch, a fun tennis game, Mario Tennis was released a new promotional video for aces. In the video posted the famous Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal goes against Mario. Pretty funny moments in the video, Mario and Rafael Nadal is facing a hard and difficult struggle. Rafael Nadal’s famous forehand strokes effectively meet Mario, a pretty effective response to the offer, Mario beloved Mario Rafael Nadal translates our air forces to go into the shot barely even jumped a fantastic shot and the ball makes with the line somewhere between sending you to the field. The score remains the referee’s decision. Nintendo playable Mario tennis with the joy of mutual con ACE the switch on 22 June, Nintendo will output to the switch. Fun posted the video , you can browse through the following link.