Promotional video for the game Hitman 2 came in Miami for the last


Developer IO interactive and publisher Warner Bros interactive entertainment, E3 2018 within the PC gaming show’the Hitman 2 for Miami in the passing game, released a promotional video for the area.

A new promotional video released for Hitman 2 PC gaming at the show

E3 2018, that will mark next year with the introduction of the games continues at present. Love the game and wants of those who introduced the popular and highly anticipated event is one of the games in the Hitman series Hitman 2 came a new video for the new game. Hitman 2 is being released in a new promotional video for the popular Assassin , Agent 47’s on Duty, the occurrence shows in the Miami area. Also posted in the video games will make us feel again the old Hitman 2 It looks like.

In 2016 which was a continuation of the Hitman games Hitman 2, The new game co-op gameplay mode incorporates. Agent 47 In the game Hitman 2 new target Client the shadow of a secret organization called. Hitman 2 on November 13 to PC, Xbox One and PS4 will have a place in the market for.

Finally, below you will find a new promotional video of the game.