Promotional trailer 2 officially announced with the dying light


Techland developed by a survival horror game dying light’of the new game dying light 2 2018 E3was announced officially published in the promotional video.

2 The options in the game affect the fate of the dying light

In his explanation of techland developer, dying light 2 will have an impact on choices in the game, they said. Also continue to be developed, the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 , and Fallout 2 games like, who has served as writer and designer Chris Avellone is also working on dying light 2.

Xbox E3 2018 is the scene Introducing Chris Avellone dying light 2, dying of the light everything that is done in the first game in the new game will be made said. 2 the dying light in the game of spectacular, grown, post-apocalyptic cities fulfill and what you decide to do quests for factions around the world that will cause a change in behaviors.

The dying light release date yet undisclosed 2 already PS4, Xbox One and PC continues to be developed for. The promotion of the game and in-game videos below, you can watch.