Pro Limited Edition for PS4 appeared in Spiderman?


Lately Reddit and Twitter on social media sites such as Insomniac games by the PS4 developed for the Spider-Man game for the sake of the Special we saw just a god of war game Pro PS4 bundle to eject the topic being discussed.

Pro Spiderman themed PS4 was leaked?

The previous day in a photo shared by Reddit users the PS4 customized for Spiderman logo, red painted Spidey – themed console is visible. The console Controller also similarly Spiderman costume blue and red colors are seen. However, many users of the photo is a fake notes, especially the logo which is located on the front side of a promotional image taken from They think it might be old or outdated. Of the colon in the title seem to confirm that it seems like never before has not been used.

PS4 Pro için Spiderman Limited Edition ortaya çıktı mı?

The funny thing is, God of war’s will be released during the time leaked PS4 Pro Limited Edition version of events and similar discussions had taken place. From this perspective, when we look at the actual design as shown in the picture we don’t know you, but Spider-Man to be released when it is Pro PS4 , you can assume that you can get the limited edition package.