Press reaction game armed school has started shooting already!


Especially in North American every year in the region, the common people are upset and all school armed raids plenty. For psychological reasons The Killers who murdered the school in an unreasonable manner, the American government took harsh measures against teachers and pupils, although it is estimated that the future will live in this kind of situation. However, the revived games independent game developer, taking inspiration from these painful events, an active shooter gameplay designed.

Active Shooter, drew the reaction of the players more exiting

In this game, the steam page opened in the SWAT team, besides being a criminal you can be. If you are guilty, you can kill civilians and armed raid on school. The idea of making a game on such a sensitive issue and condemn. The officials let a game that plays with people’s emotions like that Valve also how we don’t understand. 6 June 2018 before the game that drew the reaction of the American people.

Probably the Valve, the reactions increases even more if steam will remove it from the game. In the last few years the Hatred and violence called there were elements of this kind of game caught the attention of the players.