Possible games that Nintendo’s E3 will introduce in 2018 leaked


E3 2018 is now approaching. The excitement of the players is increasing. Game companies at E3 2018 continues in full swing preparations for, as the news keep coming in a row at E3. As of the last day, Ubisoft and SonyE3 alleged to belong to in 2018, the games of these companies unveiling was leaked to the internet. You can browse our related news.

Likely leaked E3 games to be shown at the fair in 2018

Nintendo’s E3 was leaked to the internet that will introduce possible games in 2018.

According to the allegations, Nintendo switch the‘e will be shown new games, and these games also will include the following;

Open World Star Fox


Wooden Fury Donkey Kong Country

Nintendo’s new games at E3 that will focus on there were claims earlier this switch. Let’s see if this leak is real. Apart from these games this year, Nintendo’s E3 presentation at one of the most anticipated games Metroid Prime 4. Favorite games Metroid series of Nintendo enthusiasts with the sequel, waiting for a new video game lovers. Also anticipated in the same way Super Mario Bros switch between games. Nintendo’s presentation June 12-14 held on