Popular mechanics was removed from the game a little more of God of war


PlayStation 4 is the best of the new generation of the library, which is the game of God of war, was able to give the players a good adventure. With the support of the game developer Sony Santa Monicafrom Cory Barlog, some comments found. The last Barlog, Director of God of war game at the same time, attended in a program of interest podcast wrote a confession. Barlog, the game Leviathan called the ejection and retraction of the feature of our axe, the less announced that he would be removed from the game. The mechanics of the game in the development stages Cory barlog who decide to stay ahead of the game at the last moment, this decision says that you are currently pleased with.

Almost throwing axe was removed from the game God of war

Probably if you remove this mechanic from the game, we never we would have to throw the axe. In these circumstances, it would have to be confronted in a different way than the game’s combat mechanics. Barlogmechanics of this luckily, you don’t remove these mechanics from the game. Because the axe can be extremely satisfying to take back into our hands and threw it in some cases.

If we came to the end God of war‘u finished if you forget to mention in the comments if you love the mechanics. These barlog remove it from the game mechanics in your opinion? Or is it good?