Pokemon GYM Wars


Pokemon to battle in the game is a feature exclusive to the gym. But no necessity Being a GYM GYM necessarily against a team from your team if you can train your Pokemon around there.
War Techniques
GYM War is not like other games is simple and fast. The tour is a process, not a real-time battle in question. It is also short.


Refresh Fast Attack stamina quick hits that fundamental atack 2. There is a skill that requires stamina and more striking skill. That is a total of 2 consists of skill. You can slide your finger left and right during the war


pokemon-wars pokemon-wars1 pokemon-wars2

As seen in the second one forces attack simple pictures are given. If you hold your finger that requires stamina, you make a strong kick quickly, you have to use what we call fast attack fast attack if you take your finger.
Select your Pokemonu
Kasik rock paper scissors logic pokemon water fire, grass fire as there is a logic game beats. GYM challenger can use against you in pokemonunuzu 6 units. Called Combat Point shows the CPU power of Pokemon. High CPU is more powerful all the time. If you own a Squirtle is a charmender 200 CP 15, CP is no Charmender chance.
After the match,
You may be tired after the match played Pokemon, etc. revive potion. You may need to use such items.

You can get these items by visiting pokestop.


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