Pokemon game has turned into a science project!


Pokemon Go, has garnered attention with the property that the user moves to. For example, if you want to catch a water Pokemon in the game, the edge of the water to go, making your job easier. Also the GPS data is used where this game was inspired scientists, and the research project was introduced.

Some colorada hidrolog, Stream Tracker launched a research project named. Players using GPS data, scientists, small streams and the waterways that feed them dryness and collects information about the status of the activity.

Our earth observing satellites, gives information about the paths of rivers and streams, although large, small-scale water areas is not sufficient in. The game using the data in smaller water areas of dryness and you can get knowledge about the status of the activity.

Researchers in Colorado, Utah, Ohio, and Arizona, a total of 80 volunteer is working with actors. However, in order to expand their research, they are considered more volunteer users.

What do you think about the contribution to science of games?

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