Plus when Mania became apparent that Sonic would be released!


Video game Publisher Sega announced in the month of March last Sonic Mania Plus‘S coming out at the end when it’s announced. 17 July, Plus from now on which will be released on Sonic Mania is the pre-order opened.

Plus Sonic Mania will be released in the month of July and pre-orders has begun!

Mania Sonic Game, classic Sonic lovers and nostalgia combining with the current generation and the next generation it was a special game for those who likes to almost. Now Sonic Mania Plus to play with two new characters added to the game. Plus that will confront us in the new characters: Mighty the armadillo and Ray the flying squirrel. Also Sonic Mania plus Encore modewith new challenges and we know it is u will be added to the areas previously arrangements.

On behalf announce the release date of the game, a new trailer for enthusiasts also were shared.