Playstore “welcome summer” campaign there are big discounts


One of the most important game of sales channels operating in our country, Playstore, a new discount campaign continues. Finally, Rockstar Games, including many games in the system a huge amount of discounts the Company, this time with the “Welcome summer” campaign came up with.

A new rebate period began playstore

In the campaign which will last until June 8 This discount of 90% discounts. For making different types of horror games from Action Games in the list are available. “Welcome summer” discount page here , you can reach.

This campaign continues to add new games to the game library outside of playstore. These games of smoke and Sacrifice, the output of a special 20% discount and got 29 TL respectively. Again, a 20% discount on field Replica Quantum game if it is $ 20 with the price of comes. Apart from these games, Moonlighter, Express yoku’s Island , and of course dark souls: Remastered game will also play store‘has been added.

Also all these games except for 2 of the crewexcept the normal version of 2 Deluxe Edition the crew and the crew Gold Edition 2 also pre-orders for the Playstore has been added to the library.