Playstore last week, most games are sold


Play store, a list of the best-selling games for the PC platform last week shared. List of the last period when we look at the popular PC games, selling more games in the list we continue to see our country as well as always.

Last week’s top sellers in playstore

First on the list if Far Cry 5 . Ubisoft‘s games, one of the most ambitious, Far Cry 5 followed by their country of immutable give up the game of sales he came. PES 2018, after the discount campaign through Ascension 2.the order settled. right then, again, our great country, which is one of the best-selling games of the 2018 Football Managerclick we see. The game list is indispensable PUBG him to 4.they can find it in place. In the list of a way out‘also I’m glad to see u too. This entire list goes something like this;

1. Far Cry 5
2. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
3. Football Manager 2018
5. A Way Out
7. WWE 2K18
8. Sid Meier’s Civilization V
9. With It
10. Dark Souls: Remastered