Playstore in GTA V, there are huge discounts to the game and many


One of the most important game of sales channels operating in our country, Playstore, like every week, this week began with the news of the discount. Especially Rockstar Games , including games in the system a huge amount to the game, many, discounts.

Big discount playstore games

Continued until 4 June, and a 70% discount is provided Rockstar Games with the campaign when we look at the most important games of the company. For example, GTA V, 57% In 198 84 with the discount decreased to TL TL. Special packages of the game or la Noire, GTA IV, Max Payne 3 and Bully on games like bigger discounts. Rockstar Games the campaign can be found here.

Outside of that, EA’s gamessome of the games will last until June 3 discounts available. FIFA 18, 2 Titanfall Star Wars: battlefront II and need for speed Payback in games like discounts also available. EA Games the campaign can be found here.

Of course, company-focused construction games out of some of the different discount opportunities. Again discounts will last until June 4, Castlevania lords of shadow: mirror of fate HD game for $ 25 instead of $ 5 us, and the story goes on, the game is $ 15 instead of 8 TL, Kerbal space program‘a TL instead of 27 TL and 54 Kerbal Space Program: Making History with TL instead of 23 TL on the content of 46, you’ll find prices like.