Playstore Disney and dragon ball games on great discount


One of the most important game of sales channels operating in our country, Playstore, a new discount campaign continues. Dark souls is finally Remastered, and added to the Moonlighter Express yoku’s Island games, such as Play Storegames and new discounts.

Playstore of 75% in discounts available

First dragon ball games to 75% in discounts up to began. Which will continue until the 15th of June the campaign dragon ballin Dragon Ball xenover if If 2 fighters and dragon ball games Dragon Ball xenover 75 percent discount.

75 %off Disney Campaign Scorecard. 9 – from the collection which will take place on June 10 in this campaign, Star Wars, Disney movie games, Disney fun games game classic adventure packs and nearly 40 has been reduced.

This discount is added to the library except news Play Store and pre-order games are also available opened. Exit special 10% discount with Antigravitation and Memories of the first two games playstore has been added. Campaigns outside of this game and also Lego Incredible S, Lego DC Super villains and super-villains Lego DC Deluxe Edition versions also pre-order attached to the case.