Playstore 2018 to give up on 75%, there is a big discount


The Play Storein Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, with the abbreviated name so give up to 2018 for a great discount. Our country has one of the few sites that are operating in Türk Telekom’s leading digital game platform, Playstore, followed with interest in the games continues to emerge with his discounts. Previously the company with different campaigns, this time give up to 2018that focuses to a discount went. Both the normal version of the game FC Barcelona Edition version have been included in this campaign.

Playstore got PES 2018 campaign

PES 2018 complete the game in this campaign that is specific to a 75% discount applied to it. Normal price £ 278.00 game, this together with the discount rate decreased to TL 68.00. The game FC Barcelona Edition version 328.00 $ 84.00 at a cost of GBP has been reduced. This special edition of the discount rate a full %is listed as 74.

The last of the Champions League and Europa League license in the game PES 2018 give upthis special campaign will keep for 10 days. You can reach the campaign page by clicking here.

Playstore'da PES 2018 için %75 oranında büyük bir indirim var