PlayStation Plus members worldwide, 34.2 million exceeded the number of


All around the world PlayStation Plus members the number of 34.2 million has exceeded the number of. By December 2017 this number, 31.5 million. According to the figures released by Sony, describing the results 2017-2018 fiscal year, compared to the same period of last year, PlayStation Plus members in the number of experienced an increase.

PlayStation Plus continues to increase the number of members

PlayStation 4 players online to play the game even as they criticise the PlayStation Plus Membership which has become a necessity from time to time, especially every month a free game to be given the players a bit for consoles. PlayStation Plus also offers players the chance of injury and special discounts from additional cloud space. An obligation to be a member of PS Plus annoying in online games though, especially from time to time, or the classic big-budget Productions,is provided as a free download to ps plus members. You can play for free games that PlayStation Plus members in the month of April, you can browse our news,

PlayStation Plus free games for the month of April was certain

Games will be given to PlayStation Plus members in the month of May, you can browse our news.

PS Plus free games that will give you certain it was in the month of May